Bontger Portable beds for Cats and Small Dogs


1. Natural pine: the supporting wood pole of the hammock is made of natural wood, which preserves the characteristics of the wood itself, is strong and durable, has stable structure, and is healthy and safe.
2. Canvas fabric: strong, breathable and durable. Larger curling space, easy to disassemble and clean. Your pet can be in the hanging room Comfortable rest in bed.
3. Off the ground design: the right distance from the ground to avoid dust, moisture, cold and hard.
4. Cats and dogs weighing less than 33 pounds are safe to use. Suitable for indoor / outdoor occasions.
5. Portable and very suitable for travel: wooden pet bed can be used indoors and outdoors. It is convenient for you and your pet to take with you, so that your pet can have a familiar rest place on the journey.


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